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Quick Draw Marking Gauge: Teaching Old Fingers New Tricks

Tools that simplify woodworking tasks and solve common shop problems are surefire winners in my book. And as I get older, those that make a task that once was easier and now is a bit harder are even more appreciated. I don’t know about you, but my manual dexterity is not exactly what it once was. Using a combo square to mark lines on projects was second nature to me. But now I often fumble as I attempt to mark a line, say 6 inches along the length of a board. When I hold a pencil in one hand and the square in the other, often one or the other goes astray. It’s all the more frustrating since it’s a new problem for this older dude.

Drawing out line along panel with Rockler marking gauge

That’s why I was really happy to find Rockler’s 9″ Quick-Draw Marking Gauge. As you can see, it takes this two-handed layout work and turns it into a one-handed operation that is both accurate and easy. It makes other tasks easier as well, but for me, the ease of marking is where it really shines.

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