One of the Best 10″ Adjustable Wrenches is on Sale!

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Channellock 10-inch Adjustable Wrench

Over at Amazon, this Channellock 10″ chrome-finish adjustable wrench (810W) is currently on sale for under $18.

Channellock adjustable wrenches are among the best in the industry today, featuring a strong adjustment mechanism and incredibly smooth operation.

They’re made in Spain, presumably by Irega.

Sale Price: $17.45

I like Channellock’s WideAzz adjustable wrenches better, but at the time of this posting it costs more than twice as much. WideAzz wrenches open wider have Channellock’s super-comfortable CodeBlue handles.

“But Pliers Wrenches are better.” Yes, and no. In my opinion, most users can benefit from having both at their disposal.

Adjustable wrenches work well when you need to hold a fastener steady. For instance, if I don’t have sockets or wrenches nearby, I might turn a bolt head with a Pliers Wrench while holding its nut in position with an adjustable wrench.

The Knipex Pliers Wrench works great at turning fasteners, with an almost ratcheting-like action, but with the downside of having to apply pressure to the handles.