New Dewalt 20V Max High Torque Impact Wrench – DCF900

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Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench DCF900 Used on Lug Nuts

Dewalt recently announced a new 20V Max XR high torque impact wrench, DCF900, featuring a 1/2″ hog ring anvil.

The new impact is said to deliver 47% more torque compared to the DCF899 impact wrench.

The new Dewalt DCF900 impact delivers 1030 ft-lbs of max fastening torque, and 1400 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench DCF900

Compared to its predecessor, the DCF900 delivers 47% greater fastening torque, and by my calculation about 16.7% greater breakaway torque, or reverse torque, which is used for nut-busting and removal purposes.

The Dewalt DCF899, which launched in various configurations 7-1/2 years ago in May 2015, delivered 700 ft-lbs of fastening torque, and 1200 ft-lbs of reverse torque.

The latest DCF900 impact features a new BatteryGuard technology, which is a shock-absorbing battery-to-tool connection that helps reduce wear and tear on the battery while you work.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench DCF900 Used on Steel I-Beam

The new impact wrench also has a Precision Wrench mode that helps to prevent overtightening when used in the forward direction, and fastener run-off when used in the reverse direction.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench DCF900 Driving Floor Anchors into Concrete

Dewalt says that the DCF900 is ideal for fastening large pipe flanges, grooved couplings, wheel lugs, concrete anchor bolt setting, and other commercial applications that demand power and efficiency to get the job done.

Dewalt DCF900 Key Features & Specifications

1/2″ driveHog ring anvil (for socket retention)1030 ft-lbs max forward torque1400 ft-lbs max reverse torque0-2300 RPM0-2200 IPMBrushless motorBatteryGuard battery connection4-mode speed settingsPrecision Wrench – helps prevent overtightening and fastener run-offVariable speed triggerLED work light with adjustable brightness8.81″ lengthWeighs 6.4 lbs

Here are the max fastening torque and speed ranges for each of the 4 modes, as per the online user manual:

Low: 100 ft-lbs, 0-650 RPMMedium: 600 ft-lbs, 0-1040 RPMHigh: 1030 ft-lbs, 0-2300 RPMPrecision Wrench: 0-820 RPM forwardReverse: 0-2300 RPM in all modes

Precision Wrench Explained

With the DCF900 set to the Precision Wrench mode:

Forward Direction – the tool will fasten at 820 RPM until impact begins, then pause for 0.75 seconds before impacting at 2200 IPM, providing greater control and reduced chance of overtightening or material damage.

Reverse Direction – the tool will impact at normal speed (2300 RPM) and impact at 2200 IPM. When it senses the fastener has broken free, the tool will cease impact mode and reduce its speed to prevent “run-off” of loose hardware.

Pricing and Kit Options

The DCF900 1/2″ impact wrench will be available as a tool-only, and in different kit formats.

DCF900B – tool-onlyDCF900P1 – kit with charger and (1) 5Ah batteryDCF900P2 – kit with charger and (2) 5Ah batteriesDCF900GP2 – kit with charger and (2) oil-resistant batteries

A rubber boot will also be available, model PB900.899.