DeWalt DWS780 and DHS790 Miter Saw Recalls Issued (also DWS779)

Check to See if This Recall Affects Your DeWalt Miter Saw

DeWalt has issued an important safety notice warning consumers about a possible malfunction in certain models of miter saw. The brand stated that the plastic rear guard assembly can break, shatter, or detach when struck, exposing the saw blade and posing a hazard to the user. Find out if this particular recall affects your DeWalt miter saw directly.

Affected Models

The DeWalt miter saw recall affects the following models which include two corded and one battery-powered FlexVolt saw:

If you own one of these recalled miter saws, check the date code printed on the tool. The recall only affects and concerns tools with date codes ranging from 2019 04 through 2022 04. If you fall outside this range, your saw already has the modification made to prevent the situation leading to this recall.

DeWalt also stated it may have already inspected certain saws fitting these criteria. Also, if the saw is marked with a green or black dot next to the serial number on the label or under the saw blade, it has already been inspected and will not be affected by the recall.

If you own one of the affected DeWalt miter saws, stop using it immediately. You can request a repair kit from DeWalt here.